Monday, 12 December 2016

Synthetic V Natural

5 reasons why you should NOT use Corflute when protecting floors and surfaces:

1. Corflute is a synthetic polypropylene product, which is non-breathable
2. The internal vertical rib structure limits impact protection
3. Compressed corflute can leave ribbed marks on floors
4. Corflute is expensive and cumbersome to handle, store, freight and install
5. Corflute cannot be recycled, increasing the carbon footprint of the construction project and ending up in landfill

SupaBord is a robust 100% recycled natural product, which is why it is fast becoming the preferred product of choice for temporary floor protection by trade contractors worldwide.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

HKTDC Hong Kong International Building and Hardware Fair

Bord Industries will be showcasing SupaBord products at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Building and Hardware Fair, 26-29 October 2016, in the Green Building Material product zone booth 6-F25.

SupaBord Heavy Duty is a proven product in the Western market.  It was recently featured and used on The Block, a popular Australian renovation television program on Channel 9.

SupaBord Standard is a new product in the SupaBord product range and will be launched at the trade fair.  SupaBord Standard has been tailored to suit the South Eastern Asian market, based on research into the region’s construction techniques and practices.

The Hong Kong trade fair was the ideal platform to launch SupaBord products into the global marketplace as Hong Kong is the renown business hub of SE Asia.  It is also the gateway to global construction markets due to close proximity to China, India, Indonesia and Japan.  This region holds approx. 30% share of forecasted global construction and offers significant growth and economic development.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Cut and Fold

The Quick fit marking system makes SupaBord easy to fold and cut accurately with minimal handling.  Together with its flexibility feature, SupaBord is an ideal product for surface protection on bench tops and on stairs as it be cut to length and scored for folding to suit trends and rises.  It also lays flat so it is fast to install and comes in a convenient width for tradespeople.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

SupaBord on The Block 2016

SupaBord was featured on The Block 2016.  Used extensively to protect the floors during construction and painting, SupaBord prevented the risk of damage and rework.  This saved costs in materials and labour. 

100% recycled

Made from 100% recycled material, SupaBord is a mixture of recycled paper products including paper waste, ply paper fibre and polymer additives.  SupaBord turns unwanted industrial waste into a usable and practical product, preventing damage in commercial, residential construction and renovation projects. 

Environmentally friendly, SupaBord can also be recycled easily as it is unbleached and a natural non-staining product that can be reused again and again.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Quick Fit

Preventing damage to work sites can be costly wasting time and money.
An exclusive feature only available in SupaBord is the integrated horizontal and vertical measurement system, which eliminates the guesswork when installing temporary floor protection. Making installation easy, SupaBord can be accurately cut and folded on site with minimal handling and waste, a feature not available in any other temporary floor protection on the market. Another added measurement feature is the SupaBord logo that is spaced exactly 1 metre apart, allowing for quick fitting. 
The quick fit system also allows for multiple cuts to be made without rehandling materials, making it an ideal for surface protection on stairs, bench tops and walls.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Spill Resist

SupaBord's has a unique 60-hour spill resist technology that provides the ultimate protection to prevent rework, saving on labour and material costs from damage and repairs.

Repelling liquid spillage including water, paint and dirt, SupaBord has a non-slip durable working surface that is safe to work on, even when wet, reducing the risk of accidents.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Strong to handle Construction Traffic

SupaBord is a heavy duty temporary floor protection that is strong and developed to handle most construction traffic.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Check out the new SupaBord Website

For residential construction and renovation projects you can rely on SupaBord to protect expensive floors and surfaces including stairs and benchtops.  Developed for trade contractors, SupaBord temporary floor protection is the brand of choice for painters, tilers, renderers and plasterers. For more information, visit