Monday, 27 November 2017

Space Is Key

Floor protection is a must have for hardware stores boasting a diverse and complete product range. With Bunning’s holding Ramboard in all their stores and larger IHG stores all stocking Supabord, Thor, Garboard or their own product, the smaller stores are beginning to realize the potential and uptake is coming along across more rural and smaller hardware stores as the demand from customers grows.

Regardless of a stores turnover, there is always the need to conserve space. Many floor protection brands have products which come on larger pallets with exorbitant dimensions which are simply unsustainable for most hardware stores. Furthermore, a small roll can be significantly more convenient for a customer and is also easier to work with. When it comes to floor protection, bigger is not always better.

Supabord is one brand which offers the sort of houseability which enables stores to display it on a presentable pallet without being overbearing and requiring a great deal of floor space. With roll dimensions of 80cm tall by 25cm wide, it all sits conveniently on an 80cm x 80cm pallet.

Consider Supabord if your store is looking to get a low fuss, high quality floor protection product.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

This is where it all happens

This is where it all happens - #SupaBord factory production line in our purpose built facility. We have implemented a streamlined logistics process to ensure timely delivery from factory to store.
SupaBord Factory

Monday, 9 January 2017

5 reasons NOT to use plastic sheeting for temporary surface protection

1. Non-breathable – plastic sheeting can cause patterns on curing floors
2. Environmentally unfriendly – plastic sheeting is a chemical-based product
3. Condensation – plastic sheeting traps moisture causing condensation, preventing the natural curing process of surfaces including tile grout and oiled floors 
4. Flimsiness – plastic sheeting is thin, tearing easily and flimsy, requiring several layers to cope with construction traffic
5. Slippery – plastic sheeting becomes unsafe and slippery if wet, causing accidents on site