Tuesday 4 September 2018

SupaBord is back at The Block 2018

SupaBord is back for the fourteenth season of Australian reality television series TheBlock.

This time our temporary surface protection brand is providing to the contestants Bianca and Carla, a heavy duty covering to protect all the finished surfaces from construction site damage and spills whilst contributing to a safer working environment.

The girls are not only working hard on showing their great styling skills, but also on saving time and money by doing it right by protecting the luxury herringbone floors from Renaissance Parquet selected for their penthouse.

They know protection is needed to safeguard any heavy traffic that it may endure and also contributing to a safe work environment.

Incorporating the latest technology in surface protection, SupaBord has fast become a proven and trusted temporary surface protection product for commercial, residential construction and renovation projects.

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Sunday 3 June 2018

SupaBord Installation Instruction

Designed to prevent the risk of rework and on-site damage to surfaces, the SupaBord product range assist in reducing the carbon footprint and ecological impact on construction and renovation projects.


Learn the basics in four easy steps and become an expert in no time.

Ensure the subfloor (base floor) is CLEAN and DRY. Use a clean and dry rag to wipe 
outside before tape. Remove plastic sleeve from the SupaBord roll. Roll out SupaBord 
over the flooring area or surface, logo side facing up. 
Cut SupaBord to length with a utility knife, ensuring the seams are neat and fit well together. 
Tape the SupaBord butt joints, long joints and perimeter with SupaBord Joint Tape
Do not apply SupaBord Joint Tape to floor surfaces as it may affect some finishes. 
Apply SupaBord Edge Tape 

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Sunday 20 May 2018

Floor Protection, a cheap insurance

Too many building  sites today are leaving floors unprotected and accidents can always set your project back, so laying down adequate flooring protection before any work begins is a necessity!

The floors end up being scratched or dented from works or traffic, costing the builder of homeowner to repair. Clients are not happy receiving damaged flooring at handover when a little bit of care would have made a works of difference.

Supabord floor protection is easy to roll out, covers wall to wall and can be removed easily for re use.  The average cost for 100m2 house protection is $350 where the cost to replace one damaged board in a pre-finished oak floor is about the same.

Builders and DIY renovators have found other uses for Supabord, cupboards benches and stairs are popular for protection for the mess of construction.

It is worth taking the time to budget for floor coverings as part of your overall project costs. Ensuring your flooring is protected with SupaBord during builds is vital and can prevent missed deadlines over-spend on budgets and potential headaches.

SupaBord Heavy duty is available from selected Mitre 10 and Home hardware stores. Don’t miss our monthly specials.